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We’ve introduced you to the online casinos in NZ that are out there but let us take you closer to the action by presenting a discussion about the online casino NZ sites themselves. As you look to play with NZ dollars, we want you to have a full insight into what the best online casino in NZ has to offer through its services and online features. All the Kiwi casinos online are going to present something uniquely different to their competition, so we need to find the best casino site that works for you. This is our guide to Online Casino NZ

Gambling in NZ

The history of gambling in NZ is a fairly limited on, like that of the US, games were imported during colonial times, rather than created here. There are a total of six casinos scattered around New Zealand supplying a service for kiwi players that are able to venture out to the sites of:

  • Christchurch Casino.
  • Dunedin Casino.
  • SkyCity Hamilton.
  • SkyCity Queenstown.
  • SkyCity Auckland.
  • Skycity Wharf Casino.

For those unable to, then they can access the best online casino in NZ directly from their mobile phone and start playing. And it is this opportunity that is presented to you right now. The #1 online casino is instantly accessible to all players that want instant gaming access, sports betting options and a chance to win real money.

Since the first online casino NZ platform opened, kiwi players have turned New Zealand’s casino industry into a booming online success and all in the space of 5 years.

Online gambling

So, is online gambling inside of Kiwi casinos online legal? The short answer is yes, it is 100% legal. But let us briefly explain how we get there because gambling is actually illegal if the services are not approved by the Gambling Commission of New Zealand. This means no Kiwi business could run an online casino unless, they were licensed, ironically, the only casino online is state-owned and issues lottery tickets and games. This is all under the ruling of the Gambling Act of 2003, but nowhere in the Act does it mention that players cannot play in overseas casinos.


The internet provides a massive loophole, one that cannot be subject to laws because how would you be able to manage or control people from accessing foreign websites on what is a worldwide web, it is impossible.

As you may have by now figured out, none of the casinos available are based in New Zealand. They are all services that are registered in Europe and further afield. These casinos are licensed by governing authorities and like any website offering a service, can accept players and payments from anywhere.

Now, we are not here to bash-on about the wonders of gambling and to forget all the nonsense and fill you with promises of winning vast amounts of real money all day and every day. The truth is that winning is only ever about luck. Regardless of being old enough to gamble, it’s more of a question of being financially stable enough. You must be prepared to handle losses as they will happen.

The fact of the matter is, that organizations like the Gambling Helpline New Zealand exist for a reason and we want to put you in a position of awareness and understanding of gambling which allows you to play with smarter knowledge on how the system works, how games are made and how to put yourself in a position where losses are fewer and wins are more frequent.

Best casinos in New Zealand

So, how can kiwi players access the best casinos in New Zealand? Well, the process of picking and joining are very simple when you know what you’re doing.

Let us start with picking a casino, what helps to make a site the best online casino in NZ? Well, gaming is the most important consideration to give. And why not free spins? Your time as a member is 99% playing games. You need a casino that facilitates this and goes beyond expectation.

If you play with NZ dollars, you are going to expect to win some back, so make sure the casino provides many of the games you like and has frequently newly released games to keep your options fresh.

There are many other important factors to note when looking into Kiwi casinos online and picking which places are worthy of joining and which should be dismissed.

✅ Can you match the casino’s banking requirements?

✅ Does the casino supply promotional offers for your favourite kind of games?

✅ Are you able to play from your smartphone with or without the casino mobile app?

✅ Does the casino provide a 24/7 customer support service?

✅ Is the casino partnered with the best software developers online?

These are some strong pointers that can separate a weak online casino NZ site from a formidable one.

How to join a casino? Well, that is very easy and if we take the example of the site:, then you only need follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter the casino’s website and select the SIGN UP tab
  2. Complete the form with Username, Email, Password, Full Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Currency, and Residential Address.
  3. Click REGISTER and await your confirmation email.
  4. Your confirmation email will have an account activation link to confirm you wish to proceed with your account activation. Clicking this means you become a confirmed member of the casino.
  5. Head into your account by signing in and add your banking details to your account so you can deposit money to play and withdraw any winnings made.

Benefits for Kiwi players

Kiwi players will alone already benefit from the qualities within the casino’s software and infrastructure. Every online casino NZ platform is built to provide the best security online. All players across all casinos will be guarded with SSL encryption technology.

Those venturing into the world of online gambling for the first time will be rewarded with an exclusive welcome bonus. Now, this is an optional opt-in reward for new players online and they are exclusive to online casino NZ sites and are not the same offers as other foreign members. Do read the terms and conditions of all promotions within any online casino to make sure you understand the rules on how they are to be used correctly.

Oh, and, of course, Kiwi players that play with NZ dollars, are able to get their winnings paid back in NZ dollars, just as bitcoin users are able to win bitcoins back.

List of best online casino sites in NZ

Which is currently the #1 online casino NZ in the market? Well, here is the ever-changing list of top 10 performers that we would recommend you joining.

  1. Lucky Nugget Casino - Currently, the #1 online casino of 2021
  2. Jackpot City Casino
  3. Gaming Club Casino
  4. Gate 777 Casino
  5. Spin Casino
  6. Wildz
  7. Jonny Jackpot
  8. Royal Vegas Casino
  9. Ruby Fortune
  10. All Slots Casino

Now, there are a number of other online casinos NZ operators that come and go from this list over the course of time given performances change, and businesses change or adapt. But these are the best 10 Kiwi casinos online right now.

Best paying online casino

Knowing about the RTP of a top rated casino can be beneficial but it is no guarantee of success.

For those new to online gambling, the RTP is an abbreviation of Return to Player. This is a calculation of what money goes to the casino and what percentage gets returned to the players. A typical casino has an average score of 96%, meaning that the 4% is the profit taken by the casino, whilst the huge 96% is the total paid out by the online casino NZ operator to their members.

Now, the higher the RTP of a casino, whilst making it the best paying casino, doesn’t necessarily mean more kiwi players win from it. An example would be to say that all 96% of that money could be paid out by one player winning a multi-million-dollar jackpot. It no way suggests that a vast number of players are going to recoup their fortunes. So, yes, you do get casinos that are top payers, but it doesn’t make it an exact science on winning probability.