Online Casinos in New Zealand that Accept Bitcoin

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In this guide, I’m going to take a closer look at the casino payment method Bitcoin and the best Bitcoin online casinos in NZ. I'm also going to appraise their pros and cons, while answering some of your most frequently asked questions.

Our Top Recommended Bitcoin Casinos

Firstly, I’m going to briefly review five of the best Bitcoin casino platforms, each of which is fully licensed, regulated and home to a diverse selection of games.

Bluechip Casino

First up is Bluechip Casino, which is a demonstrably fair platform that combines more than 3,150 games with 24/7 customer support. It also accepts multiple cryptocurrencies in addition to Bitcoin, alongside more traditional payment methods such as Visa debit, Skrill, Neteller and AstroPay. The site’s welcome package also rewards you with five Bitcoins and 180 free spins when you register for an account.

Grand Rush Casino

The Grand Rush Casino offers a much smaller range of payment methods, but it remains one of the best BTC casinos in New Zealand. Possessing a Curacao eGaming license, this site is also well regulated and provably fair, while it boasts a relatively small but high-quality games’ library with 356 titles. The casino also boasts a cashout limit of €10,000 per week, which is highly favourable in the marketplace.

Sol Casino

Sol Casino is also fully licensed and regulated by Curacao, although this particular operator offers a far higher selection of games to players (4,835 in total). The games have also been built using HTML5 technology, which ensures that they’re widely available across both desktop and mobile devices. A maximum cashout limit of $15,000 per week is allowed through the Sol Casino platform, making it one of the most generous BTC platforms on the market.

Woo Casino

More than 50 games developers are represented on the Woo Casino, with these software houses having produced more than 4,000 games across a broad range of verticals. As for the site’s welcome offer, this is applied to your first two deposits as a new customer and is worth a maximum of $200 and 200 free spins. While this isn’t exclusive to Bitcoin users, you can use BTC tokens to place the qualifying deposit of $10, so it’s worth considering this site when comparing the market.

Sportaza Casino

Last, but not least, is Sportaza, which is a Curacao licensed casino brand that has a significant presence in New Zealand and Canada. There’s a staggering 4,997 casino games offered by a huge selection of developers at Sportaza, the vast majority of which are available on desktop and mobile devices. Currently, the maximum monthly cashout limit is either $10,000 or $20,000, depending on your status as a player.

Intro to Bitcoin

Created in 2009 as a trailblazer for the cryptocurrency market as a whole, Bitcoin is a digital asset that has leveraged blockchain technology to create a peer-to-peer exchange and transaction network.

The blockchain is key here, as this distributed ledger technology facilitates the transfer of value without the need for third-party control or intermediation. In addition to minimising transaction fees and negating the risk of market manipulation, blockchain also ensures that BTC transactions are completely transparent and recorded clearly.

Bitcoin also protects users’ anonymity, as you can buy, sell and exchange tokens using a bespoke cryptocurrency wallet that isn’t associated with your name, telephone number or email address.

Each of these benefits naturally lends itself to online gambling and casino gameplay, so the emergence of Bitcoin casino represents a natural evolution in the marketplace. A NZ Bitcoin casino simply describes a platform that accepts BTC and often additional cryptocurrency tokens, including Litecoin (which shares many operational features with Bitcoin) and Ethereum.

Such platforms also offer access to safe and transparent gaming, alongside a raft of bespoke Bitcoin casino bonuses and completely anonymous transactions that won’t show on your bank statements or credit cards.

How to Make a Casino Deposit Using Bitcoin

If you want to deposit funds into your online casino account using Bitcoin, you’ll first need to have a crypto exchange account that enables you to buy tokens. You’ll also need a BTC wallet in which to hold your tokens securely, with so-called “hot” and “cold” wallets available depending on the size of your holdings and how frequently you intend to transact. Once your funds are ready and available, you can begin the process of depositing them into your BTC casino account.

This process typically involves the following:

  1. Register and Head to the Cashier Page: Firstly, you’ll need to identify licensed online casinos that accept Bitcoin and choose which one you’d like to wager with, before registering for an account. Once you’ve provided the relevant personal details and your identity has been verified, the next step is to visit the casino’s ‘Cashier’ page and select ‘Bitcoin’ as your preferred payment method. Remember, BTC casinos offer access to multiple payment methods (including Bitcoin Cash), so you must take care to select the right one.
  2. Select Your Sending Method: From the Bitcoin cashier page, you should see the casino’s unique wallet address presented in two different formats. One is a QR code, while the second is a long line of text that will have to be copied into your BTC wallet if you don’t have a camera on your device. If you do, you simply need to click through the ‘Send’ function on your wallet and scan the QR code, at which point you’ll automatically be taken to the next screen.
  3. Choose the Amount to Deposit and Send: At this stage, all that’s left is to confirm the amount that you need to transfer to your casino account, while accounting for the impact of any miners’ fees (which are payable per transaction to the individuals who verify transactions and maintain the network). This is usually a nominal amount, and once confirmed, you simply have to hit the ‘Send’ button before waiting for the funds to land on your casino account. This should be completed instantly, although it may take up to 10 minutes or so during periods when the network is busy.

How to Withdraw From a Casino Using Bitcoin

Completing a casino withdrawal using Bitcoin is similarly secure and efficient, while this is also one of the quickest ways to access your winnings.

Here’s a simple, step-by-step guide to withdrawing cash to your BTC wallet:

  1. Request Your Winnings: Once you have enough winnings in your casino account or have fulfilled the terms of any welcome bonus, you can make a request for payment online. Simply ensure that you’re logged into your iGaming account and click through the ‘Withdrawal’ page, before carefully selecting ‘Bitcoin’ and confirming the precise amount that you wish to withdraw.
  2. Provide Your BTC Wallet Address: Next, you’ll need to provide the operator with your BTC wallet address, by entering this accurately when promoted on-screen. You should be able to copy and paste this address to guarantee accuracy, which is crucial as otherwise the funds may be transferred to the wrong one. Once you have checked and verified the information, you can confirm the transaction and submit for processing.
  3. Track Your Transaction: Now, you’ll have to wait for your chosen casino to process the transaction and deliver the funds to your BTC wallet. While Bitcoin deposits are usually completed instantaneously, withdrawals can take a little longer, usually due to internal checks and processing times. Typically, BTC deposits will take between 24 and 48 hours to complete, while some operators will enable you to track individual transactions and plan your bankroll a little more effectively.

Bitcoin Casinos Bonus Types

You can also access a broad range of bonus types and promotions at Bitcoin casinos, each of which offer variable pros and cons. Here’s a summary of the most common bonus types.

Free Cash

I’ll start with one of the least common Bitcoin casino bonuses, which essentially sees operators incentivise new players with free BTC tokens or cash. This is often made available without requiring you to make an initial deposit, with this simply offering an incentive for you to open a new account. Typically, operators offer nominal amounts of Bitcoin to new players, as this is part of an unconditional promotion that doesn’t recoup any money through wagering requirements. It may also be favoured by new operators, who are looking to compete more aggressively with established rivals.

No Deposit Free Spins

Next up is another ‘no deposit’ bonus type, and one that rewards you with a predetermined number of free spins when you register for a new online casino account. Once again, no deposit bonus Bitcoin casino offers of this type tend to have a nominal and fixed value, both in terms of the number of spins you’re awarded and the value of each one. What’s more, this type of BTC bonus comes with a maximum winnings cap, which is determined by the total value of the offer and the number of free spins incorporated.

Free Spins, Free Table Chips and Free Play

The most common crypto casino bonus types are conditional by nature, including free spins, table chips and free play. When you play at a Bitcoin casino with free spins, you’ll earn a finite number of free spins once you make a qualifying first deposit, while this type of bonus is usually combined with a 100% deposit match offer to create a more compelling package. Both free spins and deposit match funds tend to be encumbered with so-called “wagering requirements”, which are displayed as multipliers of the total bonus value and create an amount of cash that you’ll have to play through before withdrawing your winnings.

Cash Back

‘Cash back’ bonuses are also relatively rare in the wider iGaming industry, but they’re arguably a little more commonplace when wagering at a Bitcoin casino. This type of bonus offers players a refund on a proportion of their losses, and while it may be sparingly used as part of a welcome package, it’s more commonly leveraged in order to reward the loyalty of existing customers or big spending ‘VIPs’. Cash back offers often vary depending on the frequency and extent to which you wager, while some promotions may only be available for limited periods or on selected days.

Pros of Bitcoin at Online Casinos

These are the reasons why Bitcoin has become such a popular payment methods in online casinos.

Bitcoin is Decentralised

As I’ve already touched on, Bitcoin is completely decentralised. This means that there’s no third-party point of control, so your assets can never be withdrawn or frozen by a centralised regulator or authority. This affords you complete control and peace of mind when wagering online, while the absence of any so-called “middleman” also negates the need for inflated commission or transaction fees. Instead, you’ll pay nominal fees while retaining the ability to adjust your commission.

Bitcoin is Secure

Not only are your BTC holdings not at the mercy of a third-party regulator, but the risk of your tokens being stolen by hackers or cyberthieves is also relatively low. There are several reasons for this, not least the cryptographic nature of blockchain and the fact that BTC transactions don’t require you to provide personal data for verification purposes. Blockchain network is also inherently secure, while its distributed ledger technology ensures that each transaction is immutable and transparent for all parties to see.

Bitcoin is Private

The lack of any personal information attached to your BTC transactions also guarantees your anonymity, as your gambling activity won’t be reflected by a bank or credit card statement. This ensures that your privacy is maintained at all times, which is preferable if you don’t want to risk your activity being revealed to employers or other third parties. At the same time, the transparent nature of BTC ensures that you can track your own transactions and balances through the public ledger.

Cons of Bitcoin at Online Casinos

You should keep these factors in mind before you decide to uses Bitcoin as a payment method.

Bitcoin is Volatile

One of the main disadvantages of BTC is that it’s inherently volatile, with 2022 seeing the asset shelve approximately 75% of its value as the crypto market crashed. So, although the finite supply of 21 million BTC tokens means that the asset is largely impervious to inflation (at least directly), its value can fluctuate wildly both in the short and longer term. This can directly affect the real-time value of your bankroll, while it’s advised that you don’t hold large amounts of cash in BTC at any given time.

Bitcoin is Changeable

Bitcoin is also highly changeable, with the underlying blockchain network and its preferred consensus mechanism continuing to evolve. It also continues to adapt in line with scalability issues, with the growing demand for BTC and increased usage driving slower transactions times and higher fees in the marketplace. At times, this can impact the speed of withdrawals and the commission that you’ll have to pay to complete transactions, so this is something to be wary of when gambling at a BTC casino.

Bitcoin is Still Not Mainstream

While BTC holds a 78.5% rate of penetration in the global iGaming market, this varies from one jurisdiction to another, while the asset class is still not fully mainstream or widely available. So, even as BTC adoption is constantly growing and evolving, you’ll still find yourself limited in terms of the casinos you can wager at when using the cryptocurrency.

How We Rate Bitcoin Online Casinos

Here you can find more about our criteria for picking the best Bitcoin casinos.

Safety and Security

This is the single most important metric when ranking any Bitcoin casino site, as the platform should be secured with 128-bit SSL encryption as a minimum standard and fully licensed and regulated by a recognised body such as the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority. The best casinos will also secure mobile app logins further through the use of two or multifactor authentication, which requires you to confirm your identity via a secondary device and provides an additional layer of security.

Why Use Bitcoin at Online Casinos?

While there are aforementioned pros and cons to consider when betting at a BTC casino online, I’d argue that the former significantly outweigh the latter. So long as you wager responsibly and don’t hold more than you can afford to lose in Bitcoin, this type of casino enables you to bet securely and with complete privacy, while the decentralised nature of BTC and blockchain translates into lower transaction fees and commissions.

Final Words

Bitcoin casinos are becoming increasingly commonplace around the world, and especially in fast-growing markets such as New Zealand. There’s certainly a rising demand for this type of casino, which is secure, private and completely devoid of any third-party control or manipulation. With this guide, hopefully you can identify the best NZ Bitcoin casinos for you, while depositing your tokens securely and enjoying the best possible gambling experience.

Navigating the array of casino payment methods available today has never been easier for players, thanks to the diverse selection of options. Whether you're looking to play at a Bitcoin casino with cutting-edge technology or a more conventional NZ Dollar casino, there's something for everyone. For those seeking minimal entry barriers, the $5 deposit casino, $10 deposit casino, and $20 deposit casino options allow for flexible levels of investment. If you prefer prepaid solutions, a Paysafecard casino might be the right choice, offering prepaid cards that can be used without linking to a personal bank account. The Skrill casino and PayPal casino options bring the ease of e-wallets, providing quick transactions with just an email address. Additionally, the allure of no deposit free spins keeps players coming back, offering chances to play without requiring a deposit, and adding another layer of excitement to the online casino experience.


Can You Use Bitcoin at All Online Casinos?

While BTC is now being more widely adopted and made available in the New Zealand iGaming market, not all casinos offer this payment method. The same is true across the globe, so you’ll need to check each site before you sign up for an account.

Which Countries Accept Bitcoin for Online Casinos?

In addition to New Zealand, jurisdictions including Australia, Canada, the UK, Italy, Holland, Greece and Belgium all offer access to BTC casinos, while this number will continue to increase over time.

What Alternatives Are There to Bitcoin at Online Casinos?

Many BTC casinos also provide access to other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum. These sit alongside more traditional and widely available payment methods, such as Visa Debit, Mastercard and Skrill.